Drew Miller
Birdies for Charity

We did it!  The final total was $12,131.00!

My name is Drew Miller and I am a senior at Allen High School in Allen, Texas.  I spent the last 4 years playing golf for the Allen High golf team.  I have been playing competitive golf since I was 7 years old.  I am lucky to be able to play the game that I love and I realize that there are many people who are not as fortunate as I am.  I wanted to be able to use my high school golf career to give back to my community and raise money for charity.  This is why I started this journey.

I called my fundraiser ‘Birdies for Charity’.  I got sponsors to donate a dollar amount for every birdie I scored in an official round of high school golf.  The charity I chose to raise money for was Carson’s Crusaders Foundation.  Carson’s Crusaders Foundation provides support and assistance to children with rare solid tumors and their families and promotes/develops programs and services to improve the quality of life and medical outcomes of these children and their families.  I learned about Carson’s Crusaders when my mother taught Carson Richardson, a kindergarten student with cancer at Boon Elementary School in Allen, Texas.  Carson touched our lives in many ways and inspired me to find a way to help.  For more information on Carson’s Crusaders Foundation please visit:  carsonscrusadersfoundation.org

When you can make a true difference in someone's life, it feels good.  Numerous people helped me do that.  Together we raised $12,131.00.  I don't know how to say thank you to everyone that helped support me on this journey.  I am moving away to play golf for the University of Arkansas, Fort Smith and I want to challenge another young golfer to take over my mission.  Please contact me if you know someone that is interested.


Here's how it works:

You pledge a dollar amount and I make the birdies.  I will collect money after the season you sign up for.  I will also send out emails after each tournament, as well as post them on my News page.  ***For this fundraiser eagles will be counted as 2 birdies.


Sponsor A           $2/birdie

Sponsor B            $5/birdie

For the fall 2010, I played 4 tournaments and scored 11 birdies (holes under par). Sponsor  A would donate $22  and Sponsor B would donate $55 to Carson's Crusaders Foundation.  Each sponsor will have the option of donating a flat amount if I am subject to injury, or I score too many birdies.

The above example is only an example, you may sponsor any $amount you wish.

Sign up today to make a difference!

I am always looking for new sponsors. Sign up today, or submit questions you may have on the Sign Up page.

Together we can make a difference!

*This fundraiser has been approved by the UIL. 

Birdies for Charity
Allen, Texas

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